Giant Balloons

Giant Balloons will build brand awareness at a very affordable price.

Tradeshows are a great venue in which to use giant advertising balloons. Bring more visibility and traffic to your booth at a very minimal cost.

Large 6 ft. balloons with artwork or lettering may be purchased for as little as $433.00. Where can you get huge visibility like that at such a reasonable price?

Giant 7 ft. reusable helium balloons are usually $533.00. Attach the balloons so they float 10 ft. – 15 ft. above your booth and you have a traffic magnet.

We have actually used our tradeshow balloons as a prize in our sign up program at our booth. We make a generic “SALE” or “OPEN” balloon and then draw for it at the end of the show when we ship it to the winner. It has been successful for us.

Think Balloons for your next tradeshow!

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