Fantastic Marketing with Advertising Balloons

Fantastic Marketing with Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons are a fantastic and fun way to get your company’s name out to the public. The balloons will attract attention from far away. They are visible from a distance , especially if they are designed in vibrant colors. you will want to choose the brightest color from your company’s logo and use it as the background for the balloon. This will insure that the balloon can be seen from far away.

advertising balloon with lettering

7 ft. advertising balloon with lettering - $533.00

Smaller balloons are excellent giveaways at local fairs , school field days and even at trade shows. the balloons should be anchored at the edges of your display or table to get the attention of those passing by. You will also want to have a small helium tank to inflate additional balloons. Handing them out to children and others will bring more attention to your booth as well. You will want to make sure that the balloons feature your company name , logo and website. This will insure that people will not only know who you are , but how to get in contact with you. Keep in mind that the initial cost of these balloons can be considerable. there will be a charge for setting up a screen for the balloons , as well as the charge for the balloons themselves plus shipping and handling. the more balloons that you order , the less they will cost. If intend to use the balloons frequently, then you will want to order large quantities of them. The key to using balloons as an advertising tool , is to use them. You want to put them on display as often as possible. Even posting them in front of your business can bring in a potential customer that may notice them from the street. Advertising balloons are a fun way to bring in potential clients and draw in new business.

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