Custom Helium Balloons

Custom helium balloons attract sales.

Custom Helium Balloons will get you NOTICED!

Custom helium balloons are a very cost-effective, highly visible and attention-getting way to advertise. Think of your message, printed on a custom designed, colorful and large balloon-high in the sky-indicating a festive time. Immediately, it marks your location, and has an astonishing rate of notice and recall by passers-by. Businesses such as large soft drink companies and many others have used them. Here is information that you can use to decide if they are right for you.

Elephant custom helium balloon
Elephant custom helium balloon

These giant billboards floating in the sky at around 120 feet, get a lot of attention. In fact, although these statistics come from the balloon industry themselves, they seem reasonable when the test of logic is applied to them. Ninety per-cent of people exposed to the helium advertising balloon notice it. Of those, sixty per-cent read the advertising message and an overwhelming number of those people can actually recall the balloon many years later. If you think about it, there is your message-with usually no competition, up there in the sky. The balloon is being shown to people who already travel near your business- a targeted group- and it is marking your business location.

Custom helium balloon - disk shape with logo
Custom helium balloon - disk shape with logo

Using these custom helium advertising balloons is a simple process. First, check your local regulations regarding their use, then be creative when ordering one. They can be filled with helium in a short time-sometimes in mere minutes. You can tie them to a building or parked vehicle and then your message is getting noticed right then-no waiting.

Buy interesting stock shapes and sizes for less or you can spend a little more and have a custom designed, colorful and attention-getting balloon. Think of the possibilities to communicate your company image in an immediate and cost-effective way. As one customer said, “The balloon goes up- and so do the sales.”

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