Big Balloons for Holiday Promotions

Big balloons and big advertising balloons had excitement to your holiday promotions and events.
Patriotic holiday promotions for Independence Day, Veterans Day and others can be highlighted by giant Uncle Sam inflatables, Eagle balloons and Statue of Liberty giant balloons.
Uncle Sam advertising inflatables - 25 ft.
American Bald Eagle - Giant 25 ft. advertising balloon
Statue of Liberty advertising inflatable - 18 ft.

These big balloons are also great for parades and set decorations. Easy to set up, affordable to rent or purchase and very attractive. Giant balloons will add a new, larger dimension to your event, sale or promotion.

These big balloons do require some space and must be securely fastened but for most venues this is not a problem. The 18 ft. Statue of Liberty balloon is very well suited for parades. It mounts easily to a flatbed trailer or truck. Use a small portable generator to provide electricity for the balloon fan and lighting if required and you have an instant parade balloon at a very affordable price.

For your next patriotic holiday event give big balloons a try!

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