Advertising with Giant Balloons is a Sound Investment

Advertising with giant balloons and advertising blimps is a sound investment.

Advertising with Giant Balloons is a sound investment.

In today’s depressed economy many businesses have suffered plummeting sales volume. Despite a wellspring of tempting price markdowns and other sales incentives, customers just aren’t filling stores. People may not bother looking for advertised bargains because they are simply not planning to shop. If you are looking to boost sales at your business location, attracting walk/drive-by traffic is now more important than ever. Upgrading current signage with inflatable objects can help.

25 ft. Blue Fire Dragon Advertising Balloon
25 ft. Blue Fire Dragon Advertising Balloon

Why balloons instead of just signs? The movement of high flying balloons and helium blimps heightens visibility. Balloons are appealing to the eye because they are just plain fun. Balloons don’t provoke thoughts of gloom and doom, struggle or failure. Balloons signify celebration and festivity. That’s why people automatically have positive feelings when they see them. Kids are especially attracted to balloons are are likely to drag parents toward them.

7 ft. Giant Helium Balloon with logo
7 ft. Giant Helium Balloon with logo

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Advertise with giant balloons or advertising blimps to radiate positive energy that is contagious. Displaying brightly colored custom balloons is a creative, cost-effective way to entice potential customers to visit your business. By customizing giant balloons with your company’s logo/promotion you can instantly showcase your business in a positive light. Balloons send the message that you have cause to celebrate and all are invited to join the party. This positive feeling may be all that is needed to convince by-passers to check out what you are offering.

11 ft. Custom Advertising Blimp

Advertising with large balloons or helium advertising blimps is a tried and true attention getter. The minimal investment will likely more than pay for itself with new business.

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