Advertising Blimps Reach Clients

Advertising blimps provide extraordinary value at a reasonable price.

Advertising Blimps

Everyone has heard of the Goodyear Blimp, but most people are probably not
aware that Goodyear now has a fleet of three blimps. Goodyear started using
a blimp to promote their brand in 1925, and public fascination has grown
ever since. Advertising blimps are a natural extension of that high profile type of marketing.
advertising blimp
11 ft. Advertising blimp with logo - $725.00
Thousands of blimps are used for advertising each year. These
range in size from the fleet of Goodyear Blimps which are close to 200 feet
long and have flight crews of up to 20 people, to unmanned, helium filled
Blimps only 7 feet in length. Blimps are used for advertising because they
cannot fail to draw attention. How many billboards do we see driving down
the highway each day or commercials on TV each night? More than anyone will
remember, that’s for sure. An advertising blimp is something that people
remember seeing because it is different and exciting.
17 ft. advertising blimp
17 ft. Advertising blimp with logo - Made in USA!
Advertising Blimps are commonly used to reach large groups of people. They often appear at
concerts, outdoor festivals, sporting events, air and water shows as well as
big cities on sunny days. Modern technology has enabled companies to print
their exact brand or logo, no matter how detailed or colorful, on blimps
large and small.
Advertising blimps can be customized with lights and
sound, banners and fins. Many companies even offer unmanned, radio
controlled blimps for either indoor or outdoor use. With the use of on-board
generators, many radio controlled blimps can travel over events for hours at
a time. One major use for advertising blimps is to announce grand openings,
special events or major sales. The excitement drummed up by the use of a
blimp can guarantee the success of such an event. Not only will people
remember that they saw a blimp, people from mile s and miles away will be
drawn to it. Many large companies use advertising blimps at large events or
trade shows to increase their brand recognition. It worked for Goodyear,
didn’t it?

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