Advertising Blimps for Promotions

Advertising blimps work well for promotions and events.

Advertising Blimps for Business Promotions

When you are looking to make your business stand out and to attract the eye of passersby, an

advertising blimp is just the thing. Every business has a sign, and even if yours is amazing,

it is still going to blend in with all of the other signs along the road. An advertising

blimp rises above the clutter and gets your message seen by the public.

Advertising Blimps for Promotions - 11 ft.
Advertising Blimps for Promotions - 11 ft.

When You Should Use a Blimp

Part of the appeal of an advertising blimp is that it is unique. Therefore, this is not

something you want to put up all of the time. Instead, use it for special promotions at your


One of the best times to use a blimp is when you are offering a major sale. You might print a

message on your blimp that says “HUGE SALE TODAY ONLY!” The blimp works best when it grabs

attention and closes the deal. What you are trying to accomplish is more traffic in to your


Auto Sale Promotion Advertising Blimp
Auto Sale Promotion Advertising Blimp

A Signal

With a little strategy, you can even use the blimp as a signal to savvy buyers. Put up the

blimp on random days, always when you have a great special offer at your business. People

will get in the habit of looking for the blimp. If they see it go up, they will know to stop

by your store. Make the sale or special offer good enough and they will even start calling

friends to let them know that the blimp is up.

11 ft advertising blimp
11 ft advertising blimp

Benefits for the Long Term

An advertising blimp is reusable. To make it pay off for the long term, be sure not to

overuse it. As noted earlier, if it is always up, people will start to ignore it. Keep it for

special occasions. That way it will not wear out its welcome or wear out from use.

Be sure to print a general message on the blimp if you plan to continue to use it. Something

simple, like “SALE” is best. The more complicated the message, the harder it is to read and

it also makes it harder to use in different situations.

With a little planning, an advertising blimp can be a fun part of your business promotions

strategy that will also pay off in added exposure and sales.

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