Advertising Balloons – Power Marketing

Advertising Balloons: Power Marketing

A flash of color floating across the sky. Eyes instinctively dart upwards, following the bright object with interest and wonder. The power of flight coupled with the genius of marketing: an advertising balloon. Simple in concept, yet effective in advertising a product. Billboards are ignored, newspaper ads are thrown away, and commercials are fast-forwarded through. In a consumer culture filled with people that try to ignore the marketing that jumps at them from every medium, how can businesses find creative solutions to get their product advertised?

Advertising balloons.

advertising balloon - green with logo

Power marketing with advertising balloons.

While they may seem a silly or trivial solution, they are powerful. The balloons are brightly colored and simple. They give a product name without crowding the consumer’s thoughts with facts or claims. Eyes are naturally attracted to bright colors, and thus advertising balloons ensure people will look at them, whether by unconscious instinct or conscious decision. Americans want to believe that they are the greatest. It is that notion of American exceptionalism that drove our founders to fight for independence; that drove inventors to create what was once fantasy; that drives citizens today to want to be better than each other. An advertising balloon is a simple reminder of everything that makes us American. USA made giant balloons will help drive people to your store or event.

advertising balloon for event marketing

The balloon, the power of flight, it reminds us of our technological advances over other nations. The advertisement, the power of marketing, it reminds us of our capitalistic might dominating the globe. In short, advertising balloons remind those who instinctively view them of our collective history and our great power. No matter what the product on the balloon is – the name will stick in the consumer’s mind after seeing the balloon. There is power in simplicity, power in reminding us where we came from, and thus, there is power in the advertising balloon. In an age of global economic competition in television and print, returning to the simplicity of the advertising balloon may be the best choice.

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