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Giant helium balloons are used very effectively as advertising balloons.
Everyone is familiar with the small toy helium balloons given to children and used in balloon bouquets. The giant helium balloons used in advertising are a different type of balloon. They are still filled with helium and still float but that’s the end to the similarity.
The best helium advertising balloons are made from a special polyurethane formulation. This special polyurethane insures the helium balloons retain helium better, retains color and sheen, is strong and durable.
The polyurethane used in the best helium advertising balloons is made in the USA and DOES NOT contain volatile organics that PVC contains. Most imported helium advertising balloons are made of PVC.
The polyurethane helium advertising balloons are reusable and can last for weeks or months with proper care.
These giant advertising balloons will increase the visibility to a business or event and do it very cost effectively.

7 ft. Helium Advertising Balloon

7 ft. Helium Advertising Balloon

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